Annual Scholarship Winners


Chicago Firefighters Credit Union has awarded three

$1,000 college scholarships.

Congratulations to the following college students!!


Matthew Kadus

Matthew Kadus

University of Kentucky




Brianna Keys

Brianna Keys

Pictured with her father Glen, mother Christine and sister Samantha

University of Iowa


Business/ Marketing


Jamie Ruano

Jamie Ruano

Pictured with her father Gary Ruano

Chamberlain University




Auto Buying Services


It's likely that new and used car sales this year could exceed the huge numbers from 2013. When analysts see the average age of vehicles on the roads today is 11.3 years, it's a clear indication that the demand will continue. Older, higher mileage automobiles are expensive to maintain and often when mechanical problems occur, the repair cost can exceed the value of the vehicle.

If you're in the market for anew or used vehicle, it's probable that a loan will be necessary. Experian Automotive research found that a record 84.5 percent of the consumers who acquired a new vehicle obtained either a loan or lease to fund the purchase. That percentage is up from 82.5 percent in 2012.

Using the Auto Values page on our website will assist you with research on new or used autos. New vehicle prices include the MSRP (manufacturer's suggest retail price) or, as we call it, the sticker price. The dealer invoice is included as well. When applicable, any rebates or incentives are also available.

Used prices will give you the retail value based on condition and the trade-in value. Remember, these prices are based on averages and your vehicle could be worth more or less.

With a credit union pre-approved loan, you will be investing locally in a business where you're a part-owner, not from other financial institutions with no interest in the community. The finance manager at the dealership will attempt to convince you to finance your purchase with one of their lenders. Simply say, "NO." Let them know that you are pre-approved with your credit union. The dealer will also offer credit-life, accident and health insurance, extended service contracts, and GAP insurance. Jot down the prices on the products offered and return to the credit union. The savings from the credit union on these products will be enormous.

We look forward to serving your financial needs.

Click here for our express loan application.


Purchasing a New Car?
Don't Be Fooled By 0% Dealer Financing

Make sure you check out the bottom line before you sign. Choose the dealer rebate instead of the financing and you can come out ahead. Ask the dealer for a monthly payment amount and then give us a call. Chances are we can save you money and set you up with a lower monthly payment.

The following is an example of a $30,000 car with a $3,000 rebate option:
Amount FinancedLoan APRTermMonthly PaymentCost of
CU Savings
Dealer $30,000 0% 60 mo $500 $3,000  
CFFCU $27,000 2.25%* 60 mo $476 $1,584 $1,416
*700 or higher credit score

Dealer versus Credit Union Financial Calculator

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