Our History

Chicago Firefighters Credit Union was founded as 2nd Division Credit Union in 1937 to serve fire department employees in the City of Chicago. At a time when the nation’s financial system was still reeling from the Great Depression, many banks just weren’t addressing the concerns of average working people.

Like many other groups who weren’t being served by banks, Chicago’s firefighters chose to band together in common interest to provide for the financial needs of their families, friends and co-workers. CFFCU has continued to serve members in that spirit until the present day, adapting and modernizing as necessary, but never losing touch with our fundamental principles.

As a credit union member, you’re in good company. There are approximately 5,550 credit unions in the U.S., with more than 116 million members and deposits totaling more than $1 trillion. CFFCU is now operated by a professional staff, but is still overseen by a volunteer board of directors elected by members. Any member can run for office, and every member gets a vote.

We are proud to continue to serve Chicago firefighters as we have for over eighty years. Credit union membership is also open to the immediate family of members, including spouses, children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents.

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